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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Crusade of the West is a FanFiction story by DaigoUKnow.


The story begins with a stone egg that hatched out a monkey. The monkey grew to become king of the Monkeys, and later on to rival the gods. After finally being bested by The Great Waterfall, the once proud Son Goku was imprisoned in a mountain for 500 years.

He is then awakened by a preistess by the name of Saiyuki and is contracted to help her regain sacred scriptures in the west. They are joined by Ryu the dragon, Cho the lecherous glutton, and Gojo, the reluctant strategist.

They face many dangers while traveling throughout the west. Demons chasing them at every turn, and even gods and simple warriors challenging the strength of the headstrong Goku. All while protecting the "Golden Cicada", Saiyuki.

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