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CFV: Legends of Capital City 2
Chapter 30: Wrath of the Joker
Schwarzschild Dragon.png
After the conflict with Sandra, Abbey has become a Яeverse Fighter, now making everyone around her into soldiers of the Void. Mason, bored of waiting around, decides to help find Brock, only to run into Ling. However, Ling's attitude is different somehow...

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CFV: Capital City Chronicles: Sai
Chapter 1: Homeward Bound
Gareth CFV.jpg
The story begins with Sai hanging out with Lupa as he usually did. Then, Lupa's best friend, Nemea, has incredible news. The missing tribes have come back, including the White Rabbit Tribe. Shu, the prince of the Blue Falcon Tribe, tags along with them. Sai meets some of his tribesmen, which included his aunt, and hunter named Lo-Pan.

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CFV: Crusade of the West
Chapter 2: Rebirth of the Great Sage
Genjo CFV.png
As Saiyuki continues her journey whilst finding her disciples, she comes across Goku in Mt. Wukonga, his place of imprisonment for 500 years. Saiyuki releases him and they begin traveling together. Everything goes well. That is... until Goku and co. are attacked by bandits.

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CFV: Seven Swordsmen
Chapter 1: The Veteran
BlasterBlade CFV.jpg
The great war between the warriors of Cray and the Void had finally come to an end. However, Cray has fallen into disarray. New residents whose essence is filled with the Void, Link Joker, now inhabit many areas throughout Cray. Some have even changed into Lin Joker to become stronger. Three villagers from the Twilight Oasis, a village harassed by bandits come to the city in search of strong warriors that can help them drive the ruffians out.

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Elsword:Virtual Uprising
Chapter 3: Arena Match! Solaris Vs RichieRich
The Solaris Party are finally able to buy things from the Item Mall for their avatars. When the local rich kid at their school mocks them online, Solaris, challenges him. But he'll soon realize that even the pampered can pound you into submission.

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Pokemon XY: Cole's Chronicles
Chapter 5: Cole's Dream
Vivillon Blast.png
Cole decides to keep Mightyena from fighting unless it was absolutely necessary. So, for the first part of the match, he uses Froakie. Then, when he is defeated by Viola's Vivillon, he sends out his own. Can Cole win his first gym badge with thee very Pokemon he had a hard time catching?

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YGO: Crossroads of Destiny
Chapter 2: Let's Deck It Out (Part 2)
Genex Solar.png
The duel continues with Yuni at 7000 life points and Yamato still untouched with 4000. As Yuni starts to think he has the upper hand, Yamato summons a second copy of his ace card, Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis, destroying three of Yuni's monsters afterward. Will Yuni be able to win the duel, or serve half a year in detention?

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Tamashī no Haka
Chapter 10: Akio's Strategy
After everyone has had an encounter with Class 8 demons, Akio plans to exploit the knowledge of Sora being able to detect Captain Hayate by calling up everyone from the Japan Branch of the Holy Order.

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Lilith DD
Chapter 1: Will You Get Off Me?!
Church light.png
Demetri Burton, an apprentice at the church of the English city of Eden, runs into an old friend from his childhood, Layla Blackwood. As a Chimera attacks the city, Demetri is able to push him back and introduces himself, with Layla pouncing on him. Frustrated over Demetri not remembering her, she more than kills the Chimera with a machine gun. If it wasn't crazy enough, everyone else at the church remembers her.

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DaigoUKnow DaigoUKnow 31 May 2014

Yo yo yo! Time for the show!

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DaigoUKnow DaigoUKnow 27 April 2014

Test Blog

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Yukitama Hyōnosen

Yukitama Hyōnosen is a main protagonist of Tamashī no Haka. He is an ice demon raised by Lucifer, the king of the Light Realm of Hell, and the Familiar of the exorcist, Akio Nakayama. He enjoys ice cream, manga, and is a fan of the band LiGHTnING.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legends of Capital City

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legends of Capital City is a Cardfight!! Vanguard fanfiction story by DaigoUKnow. It follows the story of Mason Shepard, a former hoodlum who has discovered the fun of the card game, Vanguard, and goes through many challenges along the way with his friends, Abbey, Sai, and Trevor.

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Silly-Go-Round by FictionJunction Yuuka

Silly-Go-Round by FictionJunction Yuuka is one of DaigoUKnow's favorite songs. It is used as the opening to the .hack//Roots anime.

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